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DNA Policy


There is great pressure on appointment availability.  National policy is to encourage patients to expect to be seen within 48 hours, or on the same day for more urgent problems.


As a practice we would like to reduce the rate of DNAs, by the use of education, a certain amount of pressure, and by considering the removal of those who persistently do not attend pre-arranged appointments.


· To free up appointments for those who genuinely need them

· To reduce the waste of clinical time

· To reduce the pressure on all staff in being able to offer prompt appointments


A list of frequent non-attenders will be produced monthly and reviewed by the partners to identify any patients who should be excluded from the general policy, for reasons such as clinical memory problems.

If a patient fails to attend a pre-booked appointment an informal warning letter will be sent to the patient advising them how to cancel/change their appointment.

If a patient has missed 2 consecutive appointments, or 3 in a year, they will receive a letter/text from the practice. One further DNA within 6 months of the first warning letter/text will result in a letter explaining they are to be removed from the practice list and how to find local surgeries who are registering patients.